Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science and Engineering

Dr. Anna Giacomini

Selected publications are available for download in PDF format below.

Journal Papers

1. Giani GP, Giacomini A, Migliazza M, Segalini A (2004) Experimental and Theoretical studies to improve rockfall analysis and protection work design. Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering. 37 (5), 369–389.

2. Giani GP, Giacomini A, Migliazza M, Segalini A (2005) Metodologia progettuale per la scelta e il dimensionamento di opere di difesa da caduta di massi. GEAM – Monographic review – Studi e interventi su fenomeni di caduta massi. 114, 7–22.

3. Giacomini A, Buzzi O, Giani GP, Migliazza M, Ferrero AM (2008) Numerical study of the flow anisotropy within a single natural rock joint. Int. J. Rock. Mech. & Min Sci. 45(1), 47-58 .

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11. Spadari M, Giacomini A, Buzzi O, Fityus S, Giani GP (2012) In situ rock fall testing in New South Wales, Australia. Accepted to International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Science on the 19/04/2011. DOI:10.1016/j.ijrmms.2011.11.013.

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18. Fityus S, Giacomini A, Spadari M, Buzzi O (2013) The significance of geology for the morphology of potentially unstable rocks. Engineering Geology, 162, 43-52.

Technical Reports

1. Giacomini A, Lambert C, Thoeni K. Improved management of the rockfall hazard at the base of the highwalls. ACARP report C19026; 2012.