Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science and Engineering

Professor Stephen Fityus

Selected publications are available for download in PDF format below.

Edited Books

1. Fityus SG, Hitchcock PW, Allman MA, Delaney MG (1998) Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering in the Hunter Valley. Conference Proceedings, The Australian Geomechanics Society, Newcastle.

2. Smith DW, Fityus SG, Allman MA  (2001)  Environmental Geotechnics. Proceedings of GEOENVIRONMENT 2001: The 2nd Australian and New Zealand Conference on Environmental Geotechnics, The Australian Geomechanics Society, Newcastle.

Journal Papers

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32. Buzzi O, Fityus SG, Sloan SW (2009). The use of expanding polyurethane resin to remediate expansive soil foundations. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 47(6), 623-634.
(PDF 3.7MB)

33. Wang SY, Sloan SW, Fityus SG, Griffiths DV, Tang CA (2013). Numerical modeling of pore pressure influence on fracture evolution in brittle heterogeneous rocks. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. (In press).

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