Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science and Engineering

Ms Divya Salliyil Kodakkattu Mana


  • Professor Mark Randolph
  • Professor Susan Gourvenec
  • Assistant Professor Shazzad Hossain

Research Topic

Numerical and experimental investigation of offshore skirted foundations subjected to general loading

Research Abstract

The aim of my research is to develop a set of guidelines for the design of offshore skirted foundations, through a combination of numerical and experimental (physical modelling in centrifuge) studies.

The study is intended to deliver the bearing capacities, failure mechanisms and 3-D failure envelopes for a range of skirted foundation geometries, soil strength heterogeneities and loading conditions. The research will also look in to the effect of formation of crack at the skirt-soil interface on the short and long term uplift capacity and measures for mitigating crack formation or reducing the effect of cracking.

Why my research is important

Skirted foundations are widely used onshore and offshore, yet their design is largely based on empirical factors for shallow foundations derived half a century ago. The design is highly conservative and uneconomical since it doesn’t take in to account the uplift capacity of skirted foundations due to suction developed inside the skirt compartment during pullout. Advanced solutions have been proposed for a selection of foundation geometry, foundation-soil interface conditions and soil strength profiles, but not (by a long way) comprehensively for the complete range of conditions commonly encountered in practice. Optimisation of skirted foundation design is more significant offshore than onshore, due to the higher loads, more challenging logistics for construction and the greater expense of the foundation system. This research is expected to mitigate some of the uncertainties in the design of skirted foundations and develop guidelines for a safe and more economical design.


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