Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science and Engineering

Mr Anthony Blake

Research Interests

  • Anchoring systems (dynamically insalled anchors, plate anchors)
  • Physical modelling (centrifuge and field testing)
  • Offshore geotechnics
  • Open-channel flow and scour


  • Associate Professor Conleth O’Loughlin
  • Professor Christophe Gaudin

Research Topic

Dynamically Embedded PLate Anchor (DEPLA) – a cost effective solution for the offshore energy industry

Research Abstract

The depletion of hydrocarbon reserves in shallow waters has made it necessary to exploit reserves in deep waters (500-3000m) where it is not feasible to use fixed platforms. Instead floating structures are utilised requiring cost effective and reliable anchoring systems capable of withstanding high components of both horizontal and vertical load. The Dynamically Embedded PLate Anchor (DEPLA) is a hybrid anchor concept that combines the advantages of vertical loaded anchors (sustain significant vertical load) and dynamically installed anchors (no external energy source or mechanical operation required during installation – reduced installation costs). Conventional anchoring methods such as anchor piles and suction caissons become relatively expensive as the water depth increases and development anchors such as the DEPLA are being actively pursued.

Why my research is important

An increased understanding of the geotechnical behaviour of these anchors would evidently stimulate increased confidence in the potential of DEPLAs. Given the lack of performance data currently available and the potential economic benefit of DEPLAs to industry there is a necessity for an experimental study to address the issues of predicting the embedment depth resulting from dynamic installation, keying behaviour, setup effects and the holding capacity for a given anchor geometry, anchor mass and drop height.


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