Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science and Engineering


MSc, PhD


PhD degree in Geotechnical Engineering applied to offshore pipelines – University of Western
Australia (UWA), Anticipated graduation in 2017

M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering – Offshore Structures (Thesis: Studies on the Behavior of
Subsea Pipelines Due to Temperature and Pressure Variations – Pipeline Walking) – Federal
Fluminense University (UFF), July 2012;

Graduated in Civil Engineer Degree – Federal Fluminense University (UFF), December, 2009.



June 2012: Bureau Veritas Industry Awards 2012 in the “Working Together” category for
the Mexican Regulatory Framework Project, Paris;

October 2010: Honorable Mention For Young Writers from the 23º Congresso Nacional de
Transporte Aquaviário, Construção Naval e Offshore, Rio de Janeiro.

Research Interests

• Pipeline walking
• Pipe-soil interaction behavior
• Numerical modeling


•  Professor David White
•  Professor Mark Randolph

Research Topic

Whole-life analysis of thermal and pressure induced walking of pipelines.