ARC Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science & Engineering

CGSE Showcase and Technical Workshops

The CGSE held a Showcase and series of Technical Workshops at the Shangri-la, Sydney on 30 and 31 July 2018.

It is pleasing to report that these events were a resounding success, attracting attendance from approximately 160 people comprising asset owners, academic researchers and practitioners.

The program commenced with a comprehensive overview of the achievements and outcomes of the Centre delivered by the Director, Laureate Professor Scott Sloan as well as presentations from Professor Sue Thomas, CEO of the Australian Research Council, Dr Chris Armstrong, Acting NSW Chief Scientist and Richard Kelly from SMEC who represented Bob Higgins, General Manager of NSW Roads and Maritime Services, who was unable to attend.

The rest of the program was divided within the following themes: Changing Practice, Infrastructure Projects, Transformational Geotechnics and Legacy. Within these themes, the CGSE team presented cutting-edge computational tools, state-of-the-art physical modelling and, laboratory and field-testing techniques that have been developed to optimise the geotechnical design of Australia’s critical energy and transport infrastructure to make it both safer and more cost-efficient.

The second day of the program consisted of a number of 2-hour workshops for practising engineers who wished to learn more about advanced laboratory and in situ testing techniques, the use of probabilistic methods in geotechnical engineering and the recent advances in rail geotechnics.

The Centre wishes to thank the Advisory Board for invaluable guidance and advice, as well as the Australian Research Council, the NSW Department of Trade and Industry, the University of Newcastle, the University of Western Australia, the University of Wollongong and industry partners Coffey, Douglas Partners and Fugro for ongoing financial and in-kind support.


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Access Showcase Presentations

Welcome and overview –  Centre Director Scott Sloan

Perspectives from industry –  Harry Poulos

History and applications of penetrometers –   Mark Randolph

Large deformation  finite element applications in geotechnical engineering problems – Britta Bienen and Daichao Sheng

Use of probabilistic methods in geotechnical engineering –  Jinsong  Huang

Pacific highway what have we learned? – Richard Kelly

Unlocking Australia’s offshore gas – Phil Watson

Novel computational methods in geotechnical engineering – John Carter

Fluid-structure-soil interaction – Scott Draper

Failure of soil and rock masses – Olivier Buzzi

National  soft soil test facility – Jubert Pineda

National geotechnical centrifuge facility – Christophe Gaudin

Exporting technologies – James Doherty

Future challenges – Harry Poulos, Richard Kelly, Phil Watson, Will Wright 

Access Workshop Presentations

Laboratory Testing of soils – Jubert Pineda

Sampling – Jubert Pineda

Probabilistic methods in geotechnical engineering – Jinsong Huang