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CGSE’s Researchers win Gas Technology Innovation Awards

CGSE’s Researchers win Gas Technology Innovation Awards
Researchers from The University of Western Australia node, the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems and the School of Civil and Resource Engineering swept the board in the Australian Gas Technology Innovation Awards, held last month at the AGT Conference. In the pre-commercial category, two UWA entries could not be separated by the judges and were announced as joint winners.The first winner was UWA’s O-Tube Program, which is developing new methods for the design of subsea pipelines, accounting for ocean-pipeline-seabed interaction. O-Tube Research Team Leader Professor Cheng said he was delighted to accept the award.

“The O-Tube program is developing new methods for the design of subsea pipelines. It is globally unique and allows the seabed conditions during cyclones to be mimicked on a large-scale in the laboratory,” Professor Cheng said.

Gas Technology Innovation Award Winners.
Congratulations to the O-tube team: Liang Cheng, David White, Hongwei An, Scott Draper, Tuarn Brown, Chengcai Luo, Qin Zhang, Henning Mohr and Alex Duff. This is the fourth award scooped by the O-tube since it began operations three years ago.The second winner was UWA’s Remote Intelligent Geotechnical Seabed Survey technology (RIGSS). UWA’s Shell EMI Chair of Offshore Engineering, Professor David White, explained that RIGSS involved a new approach to seabed characterisation.

“We are developing better tools that include our hemiball and toroidal penetrometers, and new technology derived from our centrifuge facilities to control these tools robotically at the seabed. It allows our engineers to determine the behaviour of pipelines and other infrastructure on soft, fine-grained seabeds,” he said.

The O-Tube at UWA.

Congratulations to the RIGSS team: David White, David Russell-Cargill, Yue Yan, Sam Stanier, Conleth O’loughlin and Mark Randolph. A new Joint Industry Project is planned around this technology.