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CGSE researchers win 2 awards in the 2016 ICE Publishing Awards

CGSE academics have been recognised for their high quality research publications in the 2016 Institution of Civil Engineers Publishing Awards.

Dr Yinghui Tian, Prof Mark Randolph and Prof Mark Cassidy received the David Hislop Award for the best offshore paper in Géotechnique. Their paper, Analytical solution for ultimate embedment depth and potential holding capacity of plate anchors, is now available to download free of charge here. The paper proposes an analytical approach to evaluate the ultimate embedment depth and holding capacity that plate anchors can potentially achieve.

Dr Shiaohuey Chow, Dr Conleth O’Loughlin and Prof Christophe Gaudin, along with co-authors Mr Riccardo Corti and Dr Andrea Diambra from the University of Bristol were awarded the Telford Premium award for their paper in Géotechnique Letters.  The paper, Drained cyclic capacity of plate anchors in dense sand: experimental and theoretical observations, provides experimental evidence and proposes a macro-element theoretical model that shows and explains that the drained cyclic capacity of a plate anchor in dry, dense sand may be higher than the equivalent monotonic capacity. Dr Diambra will be visiting COFS later this month to strengthen the collaboration that led to this award winning paper.

The ICE Publishing Awards acknowledge the best work published in ICE journals. The awards will be presented at a ceremony in London in October. The full list of award winners can be viewed at ICE Publishing Awards 2016.


Image: Dr Conleth O’Loughlin and Dr Shiaohuey Chow