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Prestigious Award for A/Prof Shanyong Wang

Associate Professor Shanyong Wang honoured with the 2018 John Booker Medal

Associate Professor Shanyong Wang is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and member of the CGSE. His outstanding contribution to science has been formally acknolwedged by the Australian Academy of Science through the award of the 2018 John Booker Medal. The John Booker medal recognises outstanding research in engineering mechanics and related fields within engineering and applied mathematics disciplines.

Shanyong’s research focuses on the development of novel computer codes and advanced engineering testing, and his expertise actively bridges the gap between academia and industrial practice. His major achievements include developing an innovative, flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technique of dynamic compaction grouting (DCG), and an efficient soil nailing system for enhancing its pull-out resistance for soil improvement. He also developed a new 3D finite element code which features advanced methods to model the failure mechanism of geomaterials. These achievements have been used to tackle numerous coupled multi-physics problems in untreated fill slopes, tunnels, retaining walls and other civil infrastructure. His contributions to his field are of major significance and of direct benefit to geotechnical practice in Australia and worldwide.

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