ARC Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science & Engineering


In response to industry and community demands, the modelling and management of geotechnical risk has become a major issue in the design of all forms of physical infrastructure. Indeed, the natural variability in geological deposits, coupled with the existing uncertainty in loading conditions and limited on-site data, make this a very challenging aspect for government authorities and engineering practice. There is a compelling case to extend traditional deterministic design procedures to a stochastic framework.

Key innovations  in this Program include the development of new stochastic limit and shakedown analysis techniques to predict the load capacity of geostructures under static and cyclic loads, new methods for the stochastic modelling of wave-structure-soil interaction with application to offshore production rigs, and the risk-based prediction of slope stability and landslides and their effect on onshore and seabed infrastructure (such as pipelines). The Program draws on the numerical modelling strengths of the Newcastle node, the centrifuge and constitutive modelling expertise of the UWA node, the extensive cyclic loading knowledge of the Wollongong node, and the probabilistic modelling expertise of PI Griffiths at Colorado to provide a rational and complete treatment of this challenging topic.