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Ehssan Zargar

RHD Students


Fluid-Riser-Soil Interaction in the Touch Down Zone


The main aim of this research is numerical modelling of fluid-riser interaction in the TDZ (Touch Down Zone). Trench formation at TDZ will cause a considerable effect on the fatigue life of the risers. In this research a more detailed investigation will be done to understand the complex interaction between Soil, Fluid and Riser and the effect of each part on the trench formation. The effect of fluid vortices around riser and sediment transport from sea bed because of fluid flow on trench formation will be studied.

Why my research is important

The Complexity and ambiguity existing in the trench formation at the touch down zone causes very high safety factors in the design of riser structures in practical projects. This conservative design will lead to increase the final project cost considerably. Understanding this complex behaviour will cause to reduce the uncertainty in the design of the risers and will result to more realistic design with less safety factors.