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Hamed Mahmoodzadeh Poornaki

RHD Students


Interpretation of partially drained penetrometer tests with application to the design of spudcan foundations


The aim of this research is to provide a guideline for interpretation of the results of piezoball test in soils where partial consolidation may occur and to develop a framework to use the results of piezoball tests directly to interpret the likely load-penetration response of spudcan foundations.

Why my research is important

Interpretation of the results of penetration tests in silty soils is complicated by the fact that the degree of consolidation of the soil during penetration may vary by up to three or four time from fully consolidated or drained, to undrained. Determination of the degree of partial consolidation is an important factor when assessing the likely load-penetration relationship for an offshore jack-up platform with spudcan foundations. Incorrect interpretation of the results of penetrometer tests where partial consolidation occurs, by not considering the actual degree of partial consolidation during penetration, can lead to problems such as underestimation of penetration depth of the spudcan.