ARC Centre of Excellence Geotechnical Science & Engineering

RHD Students

Jiangheng Liu

RHD Students




  • 2012
    Master of Engineering - Research in Civil Engineering, University of Wollongong
  • 2011
    Master of Engineering - Practice in Civil Engineering, University of Wollongong


  • 2009
    Assistant site engineer, China, 1 month internship

Research Interests

  • Soil behaviour simulation
  • Structured cam clay modelling


  • Dr Martin Liu
  • Associate Professor Wei-Dong Guo

Research Topic

Stress Strain Relationship of Clays

Research Abstract

1) Use the developed structure cam clay model to find the regular pattern of parameters identification for different soil. In this stage, loess will be simulated and analysis. 2) Gathering testing data of different soil with cementation from clay to sand find out how cementation affects soil parameters. 3) Though tests data analysis, identify the laws of stress path and in what parts structure cam clay model is incapable of simulate appropriately so that propose corresponding development. 4) Based on Carter’s excel VB program, adding a new module to simulate soil behaviour with developed cam clay model.