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Joonmo Lee

RHD Students


Mitigation of Spudcan Punch-through by Optimising Spudcan Footing Shape


The main aim of this research is to provide guidelines to design footing shapes of Jack-up mobile drilling platforms which are more reliable and stable in position without the risk of punch-through, that is, unexpected and prompt sinking.

Why my research is important

A mobile jackup rig is one of the cost-effective and economic drilling platforms for offshore exploration and development of oil and gas industries, thanks to its relatively simple installation/removal and reusability. During its installation process or operating phases, the risk of punch-through exists, especially when the footings are located on the stronger upper soil layer lying on weaker soil layers, and the punch-through results in the overall failure of the drilling platform. To ensure operability and reliability of jackup drilling rigs, the risk of punch-through should be mitigated, and the mitigation by different footing shapes can be one approach.